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Data Privacy,

A transparent infrastructure for sharing data and tracking consent.




Online data collection and advertising are at a crossroads, with all stakeholders facing unique challenges. Lack of transparency, diminishing content quality, and mounting regulatory pressures are crippling the current model.

Empowering Transparent, Consent-Based Digital Experiences

In the convergence of data collection and cryptography, Datasent stands firm, assuring transparent, consent-grounded data practices that optimize the web experience for the entire ecosystem

Embeddable Code & SDKs

White Labled

AI tools

Privacy Preserving 

Data-Platform Plugins


How it Works

User data never has to leave its primary home. Whether residing in CRMs, CMSs, Data Warehouses, or other platforms, data is securely anchored, compliant, and ready for utilization.

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Easy Integration:

With our streamlined SDKs and embeddable code, integrating Datasent into your existing software ecosystem is a breeze.

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Transparent Consent Tracking:

Sync with your current privacy software to trace each user's consent path using our proprietary data ledger technology, ensuring a transparent record of all permissions given.​


AI-Powered Extension:

Give consumers access to their consents via our browser extension or web app. It operates as a standalone solution or collaboratively with existing loyalty programs to foster responsible data sharing.

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Cryptographic Excellence:

Our patent-pending cryptographic system is a game-changer. Plug it in to your data-platforms and markting tools to enable precise targeting without compromising data security or privacy. 

Unlocking Privacy.
Unleashing Potential. 

Once integrated, marketers can trigger sharply targeted campaigns via their existing software without directly accessing sensitive user data, balancing precision and privacy seamlessly.

You cannot own someone else’s data, but you can get their consent to use it.

Get Ready to Change How we Interact with Data

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