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Data Privacy, Evolved

Revolutionizing Data Consent Management and Sharing







Data Consent Managemen

Harnessing Data Power, Respecting Privacy

In today's digital world, data privacy is more important than ever. Datasent empowers individuals and businesses to easily manage data consent, giving control back to those who own the data. Our secure, transparent, decentralized platform ensures that all parties can confidently share and access data while maintaining privacy and adhering to the latest regulations.

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Embracig privacy

Embracing Privacy with a Data-Independent Approach

Datasent's unique consent-driven approach focuses on managing and tracking user consent without storing personal data. This ensures the highest level of privacy and security for users and simplifies the implementation process for businesses.

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Data sharing

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How it Works

A blockchain-based solution for managing and tracking consumer data consent that provides a secure and transparent platform to benefit businesses and consumers.

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1. Integrate

We provide embeddable code and/or a flexible SDK and API, making it easy for businesses to integrate our solution into their existing systems.

tracking data consent

2. Track

As consumers interact with services, the consents they accept are written to a ledger. Those consents can be exposed via portals, internal apps, audits, etc.

Icon of stacked paper and check marks representing verified consumer consent

3. Verify

Our unique zero-knowledge proof technology guarantees privacy, ensuring data is verified without exposing any sensitive information.

Share your data

4. Share

We enable data sharing based on user consents, facilitating a compliant data stream for businesses, researchers, ad-exchanges, and data brokerages.

Money icon representing getting rewarded for consenting

5. Reward

With our rewards model, users are rewarded for each consent given, incentivizing participation in our data economy.

You cannot own someone else’s data, but you can get their consent to use it.

Datasent enables businesses to reward their customers for consenting to share their data, creating a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and transparency.

Get Ready to Change How we Interact with Data

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